14/12/22 – Dr Jose Jimenez, MIPLACE coordinator, recently took part in a Q & A session regarding emerging biotechnologies and their applications.  The interview was organized for SECRETed, a project funded under the European Community’s H2020 Programme.  When asked about his work, Jose explained how his group were developing different methods to engineer various biological systems that can have applications in society.  An example was given of how microorganisms are being engineered to transform plastic waste into molecules of value such as those that can be used to produce bioplastics (as in the MIPLACE project).  Jose then went on to address questions relating to his group’s contribution to the SECRETed project, the need for engineered organisms and importantly, safety matters.

The SECRETed project is investigating the potential of marine and extremophilic bacteria for the development of tailor-made amphiphilic compounds such as biosurfactants and siderophores.  The recording of the interview can be found here.