18/10/22 – Our partners from the University of Leipzig have recently published articles on enzymatic plastic degradation. The article ‘PET recycling – with enzymes against the plastic crisis’ by Dr Christian Sonnendecker, is published in the German lab magazine ‘BIOspektrum’ (English abstract) and can be accessed here. Prof. Wolfgang Zimmermann co-authored the piece ‘How enzymes break down plastic – part 2. Impedance spectroscopy at the centre of biocatalytic plastic recycling’. It is published in ‘GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift’ magazine (in German) and can be found here (p.36).  Both partners were interviewed for a Sartorius white paper on ‘Enzymatic degradation of plastic: recent methods, applications and solutions for the recycling of polymers’. The white paper and the article, ‘Enzymatic functionalization and degradation of synthetic polymers’ which is based on the interview, can be found here.